Marsh Dragon DIY Model Kit

Regular price $85.00
Currently only available as blank unpainted kits.  Painted photos show an example of what can be done with the kit. Please allow up to 7 business days for your order to be custom made for you before it is shipped.

Deep in the Florida Everglades, the great marsh dragons can be found. These creatures ward off those that seek to destroy the marsh through draining and pollution. They can often be seen transporting spoonbills, ibis, and other birds of the marshlands.

Comes in 6 pieces : body with all limbs pre-attached, two horns, head/neck, and two tail pieces.

Assembled model measures approximately 10" long 7" wide 6.5" tall.  Base measures approximately 9" long 5" wide.  Solid cast urethane resin. Dragon is opaque brown. Base is translucent green.

Can be glued together with high quality super glue. Acrylic paints or inks can be used on the resin. Translucent colors need to be used on the base for it it retain its translucency.

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