PYO Arbori Wall Bust

Regular price $40.00
These figures are currently being cast to order as we gauge interest levels in the product. Please allow up to 6 business days before your order ships.

This listing is for blank unpainted figures. The painted figures shown in the photos are only examples of what can be done with your blank figure

Use your own creativity to paint your very own Arbori Bust. Choose between Deciduous and Brambleback. If you have your own mounting solution, order just the cast. Otherwise, full mounting kits are available.

Assembly : Bust comes unassembled and unpainted. Horns can be glued to the head with the use of super glue or epoxy. Pinning is recommended for a stronger hold. This involves drilling holes into either side and running a stiff wire between them prior to gluing. Seam filler is recommended as there may be small gaps between the horns and the head. Acrylic paints can be used, with or without primer.

Solid Grey Tinted Urethane Resin Cast from an Original Sculpture.

Deciduous Measures 7.5" Tall, w/o Horns
Brambleback Measures 7" Tall, w/o Horns

Kit comes with the cast plus a raw wood plaque, two screws, saw tooth hanger and rubber feet for balance when hanging.

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