Potted Amethyst Crystal Bromeliad

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The Crystal Bromeliads hail from the deep, tropical rainforest. They grow near the roots of the great trees and absorb nutrients from the ground that give them their crystal wings and tails. Little sunlight hits the forest floor in the deepest parts of the rainforest. The Crystal Bromeliads are able to collect what little sunlight makes it through and focus the light using their crystalline features. The filtered light has healing properties, used to help injured and sick plants in the rainforest.

Choose from these Amethyst colored Crystal Bromeliads :

Draconis - This mischievous little dragon has brilliant wings of amethyst. He loves the company of other creatures, but watch out for his pranks!

Canis - The shy, sweet natured wolf Bromeliad lives to help others. His tail is tipped in bright colored citrine.

Phoenix - He may seem stand-offish, but this phoenix is a very loyal friend. He always holds his amethyst wings proudly and gracefully.

Figures measure around 3.5 inches tall, without the pot. Draconis is a little taller due to his wings.

These figures are solid cast urethane resin that have been hand painted and sealed with varnish. The wings and tails are cast in a translucent, shimmery resin, with a gloss finish. Matching shimmer gloss is used on the crests, scales, and fur tips. Each figure is nestled in a bed of dried moss and real amethyst chunks, within a glazed terracotta pot.  It is finished with the official Arbori seal on the underside. Every order also comes with an Arbori story card.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, slight variations may occur in coloration and positioning.

POT COLOR AND SHAPE ARE RANDOM. Color will most likely not match what is seen in the photos on this listing. If you want a specific color, you may make a request on your order. I will do my best to fulfill color requests, but I cannot make any guarantees.

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