Glow Barn Owl Familiar

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Familiars are the avian messengers of the Arbori. They often ingest bioluminescent plant life or rub their feathers with flowers and leaves to visually notify the Arbori of dangers to the forest. Familiars gather acorns, crystals, and other treasures of the forest, collecting them in rough pendants worn around the neck. This often signifies status symbol among flock members.

Barn Owls are the vigilant night watch birds. Their stealthy flight patterns and amazing vision make them great spies.

Solid cast translucent urethane resin figure displays beautifully as is or add your own details with acrylic paint!  Use translucent paints to maintain translucency and glow integrity.

Figures glow in the dark after being charged by UV or a lamp.  Glow is a bright electric green, soft electric aqua, or soft electric blue.  Please see photos for reference.

Slight variations in color will occur.  Small air bubbles may be present.

4in/10cm in height and length

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