Kiwi Familiar

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Kiwis are the friends of the island Arbori of New Zealand.  Their shy nature and nocturnal habits result in them rarely being seen by humans, but in turn makes them wonderful messengers for the Arbori.  Kiwis move quickly along the forest floor, using their strong sense of smell to guide them.

Crested Purple has a concentration of glitter along the top of the figure and more dispersed throughout the rest of the figure.  The top view photo shows the crested glitter configuration.

White Crystal is semi-translucent with a slight green sheen and violet sparkles.

Solar changes color in direct sunlight, from a bright coral to a grape-purple.  Do not leave in the sun for extended periods of time or color "burns" may occur.  Some white streaks may be present in the resin.

Solid cast urethane resin.  Measures approximately 4.5in/11cm in length and 3in/6.5cm in height.

Due to small batch creation, actual product may vary slightly in color, glitter distribution, and translucency from the product shown in the photos.  Small air bubbles or streaks may be visible.


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