Autumn Brambleback Arbori Wall Bust

Regular price $110.00

The Brambleback species is found in briar patches and dry environments. It uses the spine-like branches on its back for camouflage and protection, like quills on a porcupine.

Hang the regal likeness of the Brambleback with this hand painted Arbori wall bust. This highly detailed sculpture can be hung anywhere you would hang a picture or painting.

Solid Urethane Resin Cast from an Original Sculpture; Water Resistant Vinyl Paints, Sealed with Matte Spray Varnish; Glossed Eyes

Total Measurements : 8.75" Height, 5" Width, 15 oz.

Mounted on hand stained and varnished wood plaque. Comes Ready to Hang with Installed Saw Tooth Hanger and Rubber Feet for Balance

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